Gambling Myths You Should Stop Believing Now



Whether you are someone who finds it enjoyable to play in online casinos compared to land-based ones, one cannot simply deny that gambling is such an exhilarating pastime in which you can actually get a shot at winning tons of money through jackpots. Besides gambling, betting is also one of the many activities you can get involved in to kill some time and earn money. If you are a horse racing fanatic or just a general betting fan, there is no better sport betting guide available online than this. We hope that you can get yourself familiar with how the game works and how you can maximize your chances of landing the big, sometimes elusive, pot money. While many casino goers play just to have fun, we cannot say for sure how gossips and myths arise from inside the property. To debunk some of the most popular rumors, myths, and hearsays that pervade around the gambling and betting industry, we have listed some of the things you should stop believing now. We hope that by the end of this article, you will already have conditioned yourself not to believe in anything you hear when you are playing.

Myth #1 Surveillance cameras surround the entire casino property to watch whatever you do. Hail, technology! Our digital revolution has heralded unprecedented technologies that have made most of our jobs, chores, and routines fairly easier than ever. It is true that there are about several security cameras inside an average casino but you do not have to get too paranoid because they are not watching your every move. So long as you are not trying to sell drugs or rig the system, you have nothing else to worry about than having fun. Security cameras are placed in strategic places, sometimes dealers do not know where they are, to make sure that the game is done properly. For those who are trying to deceive the dealer, you may do so, but keep in mind that you are unable to go further since dozens of camera will be able to capture you and eventually catch you in the act. While pit managers, supervisors, and dealers are trained rigorously to spot the people who would try and take advantage of the game, you cannot get past a dozen camera.

Myth #2 Only the depressed and the sad gamble through online casinos. While it holds true that sad people are the ones who would normally look for anything just to distract themselves, it is unfair to say that they are the ones who would only play in online casinos. Humans have different ways to cope with tragedies in life, be it major or not. Some opt to read a motivational book or travel; while some find it enjoyable to play their favorite roulette or slots without having to leave the comforts of their home. People who play their favorite games in online casinos are usually those that keep a tight schedule and cannot squeeze in the time to actually visit the nearest land-based casino. Who knows, with Bill Gates’s usually hectic schedule, he still finds time before going to sleep to actually play some Blackjacks online? We might never know.

Myth #3 A slot machine gets a recent hit, it would take time to hit the jackpot again. Playing the slots is playing the rules and concept of probability, and it is entirely dependent on the number of times it has been played. Random number generators or RNG tells us the result of a slot machine depending on probabilities. You can see it this way: You have 0.0003 chance of getting the jackpot, but it does not really mean that you would not get the jackpot again anytime soon. While RNGs do not possess a memory to store all combinations that previously appeared on the machine, it is only fair that the next combination could just be about anything. It can be different, it could very well be the same combination. It is a game of chance, though slim at times, it is fun to keep yourself believing that the next pot is yours


Myth #4 Casinos employ strategic architectural design to keep gamblers addicted. This is by far the most popular of all myths and it needs to be debunked right here, right now. Perhaps you are familiar how Las Vegas casinos do not have windows and clocks on the walls so players would find it hard to tell if it is sun up or sun down outside, in result, making them play for hours after hours without them noticing. While this is true, it is actually made that way so players can keep themselves in a state of hyper focus. Clocks and windows can easily distract even the best of Poker players in the world. The truth is, casinos will other means to cope with their losses, if ever, and that is why most casinos prefer regular casino players who casually play just to have fun. Bouncers and security personnel would tell you that it is more difficult to deal with depressed gamers who have been addicted to the game and lost several times than a regular guy who just want to play some games before sleeping.

Gambling in general and casino is a lucrative business and hobby altogether; that is why moderation is key in everything we do in life. If it is too much and it is already affecting how we can comfortably live our lives, then it is probably for the best to stop whatever it is. But with the things we listed today, we hope that you can already tell which things you hear in the casino are true from the ones that are not. Whether you play in land-based casinos or you find it better to play in online casinos, what’s important is that you are having fun and you do not go over your limits.