Interesting Facts About Horse Racing  


     Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to man. Its roots are found hundreds of years ago,
     but back in those days, the sport was a bit different than the one we know today. Millions of people
     these days are fans of the sport and wait impatiently to watch some of the most popular events and
     races like the Grand National, Melbourne Cup, and the Breeders’ Cup. Since this sport is extremely
     popular, we decided to share a few interesting facts about it. Let’s check them out.

     It Influences Other Industries

     As you know by now, horse racing has a close relationship with betting. But, there is one more industry
     that is heavily influenced by this sport – online casinos. Some research has shown that the people who
     bet on horses are also fans of casino games and they love playing them online. Online casinos have
     excellent features and high-quality games, which lead to the players having a unique experience when
     playing at these sites.

     Online casinos were intrigued by the research, which is why they started featuring games with themes
     based on horse racing. You can find these games at sites like and we recommend
     you to give them a try.

     The UK is The Most Sought Out Market

     Horse racing is the second-most popular sport in the United Kingdom, right behind football. Around 6
     million people visit the racecourses each year, which is a huge number. To make things even better,
     these races are a huge contribution to the country’s economy. Each year, they generate billions of dollars
     towards the economy, which is why horse racing is counted among the world-leaders in this sphere.

     Funny enough, the UK is also the prime market for online casinos and online bookies.

     Horses and Jockeys Are Supreme Athletes

     The horses, especially the Thoroughbreds are considered top-ranked athletes. They have incredible
     stamina, explosiveness, speed, and endurance. That is why they are among the world’s most physically
     advanced creatures.

     Another interesting fact about them is that even though they have an average life-span of around 30 years,
     they usually retire at the age of 15. Like any other athlete, they do have a prime from which they fall off after
     a certain period. No horse over the age of 18 has won a race.

     Jockeys are also a rare breed. In the UK, there are around 500 professional jockeys, which is a surprisingly
     low number.

     Most Popular Events in the World

     Many races and events are popular with the fans, but only a few stand out. For example, the Cheltenham Festival
     is the single most popular event in the world. The Breeders’ Cup also deserves a mention. All of these festivals
     have great races with huge prize purses. Millions of dollars await the winners, and if you want to check out
     which races are the richest, check out this list.