"The Maiden Key"


Right to the point . . .

Here's what we got:  The key to solid profits betting the Maidens.

Here's what it will do for you;

  • You'll make a great ROI from all those cheap Maiden Claimers the tracks throw at you every day (as well as the straight Maidens).
  • You'll have a spot play that will be as reliable 30 years from now as it is today.
  • You'll be able to use it anywhere, anytime, regardless of the racetrack, or season.
  • You'll be able to find the play with no more than three minutes of handicapping per Maiden race - and you can do it in your head, or with a pen on the Racing Form (or whatever pp's you choose to use) if you prefer.
  • You'll have a 'take-it-to-the-bank' shot at making 32% to 57% ROI on your money win betting, and 112% on your money in the exactas!

How can we make these claims?

Below are the results of the 117 qualifying maiden races from 7 consecutive days - at nearly ALL the racetracks running in the USA!  (no one is going to yell "cherry-picking" or "back-fitting" on this one!)

The dates were September 22nd to Sept. 28, 2008, one full week's racing - every maiden race at every one of these tracks was handicapped:

Tracks were; Bel, Crc, Ct, Del, Emd, Fe, Fl, Fpx, GG, Haw, Hoo, Lad, Lrl, Mnr, Mth, Pha, Sa, Suf, Tdn, Tp, and Wo.

- Number of qualifying maiden, and maiden claiming races = 113
- Number of winning races (one-horse betting) = 52
- Win % = 46%
- Win bet ROI overall = +32.3%
- Win bet ROI on a 27 race sub-group within the data = + 55%
- Win bet ROI on a 16 race sub-group within the data = +57.8%

- Number of qualifying exacta races = 79
- Number of exactas hit = 16
- Exacta win % = 20.3%
- Exacta ROI =

And - in the manual you'll get with the method - we'll lay every one of those races out for you to see and check. Black-and-white proof for skeptical handicappers, and everyone from Missouri.

We'll also provide several videos, so you can watch over our shoulders as we take you through the application of this quick, easy, and extremely profitable angle.

Remember - you should . . .

  cash 46% of your win bet tickets
  cash 20% of your exacta tickets
  have as much action as you need (15 win wagers, and/or 11 exacta
     wagers per day
  forget losing streaks - they won't happen.

You can start with as large, or as small of a bankroll as you want.

The exacta part of the play is never more than two, cold, one-way combinations - and most often only one!

Look - this play is simple, and super solid.

You're going to turn those cheap, squirrelly, Maiden Claiming races into your bread-and-butter earners.  Bet on it!

Here's where to get your hands on "The Maiden Key" . . .

The price is $57 - and I predict that, at even the $8-$10 per race betting level, you'll make more than that back the first day you use it - and every day after that!

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