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The P-3 Betting Method

- How you can turn slow-grind show betting into a serious ramp-it-up profit maker -


Show betting isn't everyone's cup of tea - mainly because profits are usually small and the bankroll builds only slowly.  There is a very important other side to that coin though: Preserving the bankroll is absolutely key to staying in the game!

Most players have a limited amount they can wager and would like to be able to continue betting and enjoying the races without risking losing it.  Of course, there is always risk, but betting to show on logical contenders is obviously less risky than any other way of betting the ponies.

But . . .

Betting gets kind of boring when you stand only to win or lose a few bucks in your whole day at the races - doesn't it?!

The P-3 Betting Method is going to change the way you look at show betting forever!

Your profits are going to heat up big time because The P-3 Betting Method will light a bonfire under your show betting.

P-3 reveals a three part method that will revolutionize the way you bet to show. 

You may apply all three parts for optimal play - or any two of them to really get your bottom-line growing rapidly.

If you do not currently have a profitable show-betting method - we suggest you also order Show Me The Money.  The P-3 Betting Method works very well with the handicapping approach put forth in that e-book.


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