Pareto's Ponies


What does 19th century Italian mathematician and economics theorist, Vilfredo Pareto, have to do with handicapping the ponies?  Not a whole lot - except maybe you'll need some of his formulas to calculate the level of profits you'll be getting from using this method named after him!

There has been a change in racing in the last couple of years, and it is accelerating - that being - the proliferation of artificial surfaces of various kinds.

This has played a bit of havoc with a lot of the old dirt-handicapping theories.

These various surfaces; "poly-track," "equi-track," "cushion-track," "whatever-track," (there will be more versions, as few of the tracks or horsemen are satisfied with what they've got, and problems abound) have changed handicapping.

The one obvious challenge for handicappers is trying to figure whether or not a horse's form will carry over from dirt, or turf - to artificial surfaces, and vice versa. It will require a finer-tuned form of record-keeping to get a handle on this, and a large sampling, and tweaking and re-tweaking of current handicapping methods . . .

Or -

You could ally yourself with those few who are most likely to know in the case of an individual horse whether they are adapting well to the new surface or not - the trainers.

But not just any trainers - noooo way! 

Unfortunately, many of the trainers at all tracks are just a short step above the 'sit-in-the-corner-with-a-dunce-cap-on' level.

The "Pareto's Ponies" Method will show you how to identify the ones to follow, and how to follow them - i.e. when, where, and how to bet them.

Most importantly - it will show you how to make solid profits from the current situation while other handicappers are floundering.

This method was first given to 50 'insiders' at Horse Racing Gold. These were long-time subscribers who signed on to test a series of proprietary methods we had been developing. Several of those players are now full-time handicappers.

By-the-way, this method works everywhere. It's not restricted to surface switches by any means

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The "Pareto's Ponies" Method is very easy to apply. As a matter of fact - it requires no handicapping.

Yep, you read that correctly . . . NO handicapping!

It does require some simple record keeping, but around 25 minutes a day will take care of it.

And the ROI?

You'd likely scoff if I gave you a long-term figure, but there is a one week stretch of results shown in the e-book that covers every day, every race - at three tracks; Aqueduct, Woodbine, and Hawthorne . . .

 the ROI was +47.6%  

That brought in a profit of $2,134 in one week on $20 win wagers!



Are you ready to see what a long-dead Italian intellectual (with some help from Horse Racing Gold of course!) can do for your bottom-line?

$37 worth of greenbacks will get the gondola rowing!


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