Horse Racing's New Reality      


Volume betting opportunities - online betting from home - real-time odds on the computer - these and a host of other new innovations have created a whole new, profitable ballgame.

Even just ten or twelve years ago it was extremely difficult to make a living betting on horse racing. There were few off-track wagering centets, and satellite feeds from multiple race tracks was in its infancy. The bettor was usually limited to wagering on one track. Bets of $20 or $30 a race with only 4 or 5 playable races per day - even at a good 25Yor.o.i. would only gross $20 to $40 a day before expenses! Hardly worth the effort.

Horse racing information was limited. Computers were just coming into their own as far as application to handicapping was concerned. Making a living betting on horse racing was just a tough way to go. 

In the past few years, the horse racing scene has completely changed.

- Satellite wagering centers now offer a minimum of 6-8 tracks per day.

- The player can bet all tracks from home try phone or computer.

- In home cable-televised racing is readily available.

- Real-time live odds are offered by several providers.

- There are real-time video feeds from a growing number of tracks.

- Tons of racing info of every type is available for instant dowwnload.

- And the beat goes on. It's a fascinating and wild new horse racing reality.


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Multi-track wagering is here to stay.  Volume is now the key.

The serious race player can "cherry-pick."  He can limit bets to situations that present a real edge and still get volume play.

As discussed in other sections, volume betting is now the crux of the professional race player's approach. The edlge can be small and the bet amounts can also be.fairly small, yet the volumi of wagers - the churning of the bankroll - will still bring in a good income.

The hours of play are now unrestricted. Horse racing runs day and night with feeds from Japan and Australia. The modern player is limited only by the amount of his own time and energy.

If volume is the key - betting strategy is still the lock that prevents so many good handicappers from entering the gilded room reserved for real professionals.

But - what others have done - you too can do.


Some horse racing fans just love the grand spectacle and excitement of it all.  For them, making enough money to pay for the day's expenses is a major score! Okay - good for them - they don't aspire to make a lot of money, and they won't.

Other handicappers really like the delving in depth into each race - trying to figure out and fathom every little nuance. They spend hours handicapping one card.  They may be very good at what they're doing, yet they also won't make any real money betting on horse racing. These analytical types usually know little about betting strategy. All their time is spent finding the best horse - i.e. trying to "pick" winners.


In 2lst century horse racing's new reality, the price of time intensive handicapping is lost volume - and lost volume equals lost profits.

But therein lies the problem.

How much time does it take to handicap a horse race? Let's conservatively estimate l2 minutes to give a race a decent going-over (more likely l5 min). Multiply that times 9 races on an average card - I2 min. x 9 races = 108min or 1.8 hrs.

Now multiply that times 5 tracks = 9 hrs.  Nine hours just handicapping the horse races?! When do you bet?  Or - if you do your handicapping at night and bet those five tracks between 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. - when do you sleep?

It's just not feasible - if even possible. And be sure, the race player trying it would soon be completely "burned out."

Again, the modern race player who uses volume betting into positive edge situations as his way to professional status can no longer afford time intensive handicapping procedures.

Two options remain:

Horse betting Devise a "quick scan" approach that gets handicapping time down to less than 4 min. per race (and still holds a positive expectancy!).

Horse betting Purchase quality handicapping information and preserve personal time and energy for betting and money management - and for having a life outside of racing!


horse racing betting


Purchasing Quality Information


If you opt for #2 above, the trick, of course, is finding valid and profitable information at a fair price. Touts abound, and most are shylocks and charlatans.

Others, who actually are experts (though this doesn't necessarily translate into "profitable"), can charge $10 - $20 a track for info with no guaranteed return on investment. Using those figures - $15 x 5 tracks per day: $75 a day x 5days:

$375 per week x 4 : $1500 a month!!

We would estimate that 90o/o of all race players would be happy to make $1500 a month at race betting. . .

. . . my God, if the player has to pay that just for the information - !?!

Our advice is to make sure the service provides a full disclosure of their long term record. Their bottom-line should be public.   There are a handful of decent services out there, but they are few and far between. Stay away from the ones whose sites are all "bells and whistles." The glitzy casino-like hype site is a dead giveaway that not much substance is there to back it up.

We've tested several services, including some of the "big name" sites. Most are outright bottom-line losers. A few show meager profits on a grind-it-out primarily favorite oriented approach.

Check out  for a professionally run company that caters to players serious about making a living at the track.


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To sum up what's been discussed in this section:

Horse betting Even a small edge/advantage can be enough to make big profits.

Horse betting To turn a small edge into large profits requires volume betting opportunities.

Horse betting The volume opportunities exist via multi-track wagering from home.

Horse betting But handicapping multiple tracks daily is an extremely time-intensive "burn out" scenario.

Horse betting This time and energy must be reserved for the crucial aspect of betting and money managing.

Horse betting Options are: "quick scan" handicapping, or purchasing quality information.


If you are still keen on participating in horse racing's wild new profitable reality - read on through the other sections in this e-book. An alternative income as a professional race player awaits you.


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