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Successful race betting requires day-in and day-out consistency and efficiency


However, "consistent" does not imply that the betting never changes.

The one obvious and over-riding truth of horse racing is that it is always changing. . .

. . . race to race - day to day - track to track - meeting to meeting - year to year.

If you aspire to make serious money by betting on the thoroughbreds, you must come to grips with this "slipperiness," this variable nature of a game that lures you into the "now you've got me" - then, out of nowhere, unloads a heavy dose of "now you don't!"

A stagnant approach will never work.

A "system" or "method" that worked great for a month or a meeting will suddenly be a bust - why?

Race players are forever wondering why, after doing so well for a period of time, the same approach can't seem to buy a winner.

At Horse Racing Gold, we have developed a philosophy and an approach that deals beautifully with the three subtle dynamics of race betting . . .


To start, let's think of these three dynamics in their simplest, most universal form - the past / the present / and the future -

Every action in life is always an interplay among these three - that, taken together, form the 4th dimension: TIME.

Past events cast their shadow into the present. We can either ignore past lessons or learn from them, but they will have an influence - for good or bad.

The Present is paramount.  It is all there ever really is - the only true reality is the one that's presenting itself to us at every new moment. This is undeniable.

Yet, the Future awaits - inexorable, slightly ominous and mysterious. It will demand to be dealt with!


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Okay, let's take it down a notch and make that relevant to betting on the races . . .

- The past is your own wagering history. Every bet you've ever made has added to that history. If all were accurately compiled and collated, you would have a precise and authentic account from which to draw and learn.

We call this the "Missing Link Factor."

- The present boiled down to its essential truth for the race player - is the tote board reality at the moment of betting. How do you react to what you see? Can you recognize value? Can you recogniz emotional folly and judgmental error on the part of your opponent - the crowd?

We use "Contrarian Value Positioning" to determine when to pull the trigger and how hard.

- The future of your race betting will move in cycles - this is a given.  You will have winning and losing streaks - period. They are there waiting for you, but you will never know when they will begin or end. How do you deal with them?

We use what we call "Structured Flow" bankroll management.


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Anyone still scratching their head?


Okay - because success as a race player demands absolute understanding of these points - here's an even plainer third version with a few comments to follow . . .

To know who to bet - you handicap the horses.  To know how to bet you've got to handicap yourself.

The pari-mutuel system and human nature combine to produce one unbending rule: You must (most often) go against the crowd.

The rate of growth or decline of your bankroll depends on - How you handle streaks (both winning and losing) in your bankroll management plan.

Race players fail - 95% of them - because they do not realize the extreme importance of these points. This is precisely where they are weak . . .

They do not include themselves into the handicapping mix - they are either unaware of this invaluable "Missing Link" - or are too lazy or busy to take the time required to incorporate it into their race betting approach.

They are unwilling to shun favorites, that is - to pass races where favorites are legitimate and bet against them in races where they aren't. They remain unaware of the power of "Contrarian Value Positioning."

They do not know how to deal with streaks - their betting plan does not systematically press up their wagers when win streaking and just as systematically lower them to cut losses when loss streaking - "Structured Flow" wagering is unknown to them.


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If you are serious about succeeding in this business, you must set yourself apart from the run-of-the-mill average player. To get an edge in this game, you need something others don't have - in fact you need several things others don't have . . .

1. You need a unique point-of-view. You need to be "on" certain horses for different reasons than others are looking at - this will help keep you "off" the over-bet horses.

2. You need a well thought out betting strategy. This is simply too much for the average player - they never do the kind of research needed to even begin to develop a full-blown strategy.

3. You need consistency and confidence. Again - as rare as hen's teeth out there. Emotions reign: Flip- flopping and zig-zagging are the norm - utter confusion, blame, and self-pity are the most commonly observable traits at any race track.

Get an edge - even a slight one - develop the attitude you need to succeed, and you can achieve what others think is impossible.

Take the next step . . .

Pursue Your Dream!

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