WP Fly Method

A dozen years ago (heck, even a dozen weeks ago), if someone had told me there existed a maiden-races-only method that;

- was an absolute snap to handicap
- hit high-paying winners with consistency
- and allowed wagers to be placed in advance . . .

I would have answered, "yeah - right, when pigs fly!"

Well - I took the photo you see above just this past week . . . Yes sir, caught that same little bugger flying around at; Aqueduct, Fairgrounds, Golden Gate, Hollywood Park, Philadelphia, Hawthorne, Meadowland, Woodbine, and Turf Paradise!

The WP Fly Method is going to ruffle some feathers, but it will allow even the novice player to bring home the bacon!

Our basic philosophy here at Horse Racing Gold has always been that it just isn't as difficult to make money betting the races as most of the 'experts' make it out to be. Of course, some of those 'experts' are selling $500-600 software programs they'd like you to think are a prerequisite for success in this game.

Our original Maiden Key Method was/is a solid Maiden method that many use successfully, and is just what many others are looking for. 

But - after issuing that method a while back, we continued working on it for months after it was published.  We were trying to simplify and hone it down into something that was slicker and quicker - and most importantly - something that could be bet early in the day, so a person could carry on with the rest of their day (and have a life outside of racing too!).

Finally - after some adding, and some eliminating - after some tightening, and some loosening of the various 'rules' and factors we'd been using -


It all fell into a groove that was just beautiful. The method has been tested at many tracks; big and small - artificial, dirt, and turf surfaces - rain and shine.

The WP Fly Method works - and it's slicker than owl grease!

It won't get a ton of plays each day (for getting more plays - the Maiden Key is a great combination with WP Fly), but with the price horses it gets, and the few minutes it takes to handicap a track (that's right - a few minutes per track, not per race!!), the WP Fly Method can't be beat.

Here are the plays we made this past weekend - 12/12/09 and 12/13/09 - and remember - these wagers were made all at once in the morning - without knowing what final odds would be, and strictly according to the 'rules' of the Method (i.e. - anyone would have got the same horses in these races) . . .


track/race # horses bet win pay pla pay sho pay
Aqu 4 1 x x x
Aqu 6 2 x 5.7 4.4
Pha 1 2 4.6 2.4 2.1
Pha 10 2 x 6.8 5
Haw 2 2 8.8 4.6 3.4
Tup 7 1 23.8 10.8 6.2
Gg 7 2 18.8 10.4 6


track/race # horses bet win pay pla pay sho pay
Tup 3 2 25.6 5.8 3.8
Gg 4 2 22.8 8.2 10
Gg 5 1 x x x
Gg 9 2 5.6 3.4 3.4
Hol 2 1 x 4.4 2.4
Hol 9 2 x 5.6 3


We are aware (of course!) of the tight economy at present, so we've set the price way low at just - $27.00

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