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How to Bet the Grand National


How to bet on Grand National 2018

Speak to any horse racing lover in the UK and he/she’d tell you that Grand National is easily the biggest annual horseracing event in the country. It attracts the highest number of crowds and is closely followed by millions of people on the television.

It goes without saying that Grand National attracts plenty of betting activity too. Online bookmakers have found new ways and means to lure punters to their platforms. Some of the reputed ones are even offering Grand National free bets to interested punters. Let’s tell you how you should be betting on the 2018 edition of this major horseracing event.

Points to remember when betting on Grand National 2018

We can break the Grand National betting process into 3 simple steps as follows:

Select your horse

Regardless of whether you’ve gathered some insider information, have been studying the form of the horses or simply love the jockey’s colours, you must start by selecting the horse you think would win the Grand National race. There is no need to pick just one contender, you could go with two, three or even all the horses taking part in the race! For instance, Seeyouatmidnight and Captain lead the Scottish challenge at the race.

Decide the bet amount

Decide the amount you’re comfortable betting on your preferred horse/s. Please keep in mind that backing a horse to win the Grand National 2018 would be considered one single bet. Therefore, if you have £ 100 in your wallet and want to bet all of it, that would be £ 100 on a single horse to win the race.

Decide the method of betting

You can bet on the Grand National race in several different ways. While a large majority of people bet online these days, you can even bet in shop, via telephone or at the racecourse. Let’s go over each one of these mediums briefly.

  • Betting in shop – This would require you to pick a betting slip, easily available on the day of the race. Once you’ve got hold of the Grand National betting slip, you must write Grand National on it, the name of your preferred horse and the bet amount.
  • Online betting – You’d need to create an account with an online bookmaker to bet on the Internet. To place a punt, select the specific Grand National race you wish to bet on, followed by clicking the odds of the horse (normally displayed next to the horse name). When you do that, you’d see a betting slip coming up on the screen. Enter the amount you wish to bet on that horse and click on the ‘bet’ button. That would be it!



  • Betting by telephone – This would also require you to create an account with a bookmaker. Once you’ve done that, just call up that bookie and let them know the horse name, exact race and the bet amount. They’ll take care of the rest.
  • Betting at the racecourse – In case you’d be attending the races, keep your money in your hand and walk up to a bookmaker of your choice and tell them the horse name and the bet amount. They will take your money and hand over the betting slip to you.


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