Setting Goals      


Setting goals is extremely important to your success - do not overlook this!


Set your initial goals somewhat lower than you hope and anticipate.


It is very important to meet and exceed the original goal level.  It sets the right tone.  It begins right off to instill a "success" mode in your psyche.

Consistent, small successes are key at the beginning.  Do not rush it - don't press too hard - it will come.  Write your goals down on paper, and keep these in a notebook exclusively for this purpose.

Here is a plan - we strongly suggest you follow it fairly closely . . .


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Play no more than three tracks for the first two weeks.

Play no more than $20 per race during that time.

Allow for a 20% error factor in your projections

If you are purchasing solid handicapping information from Horse Racing Gold or others, here is a suggested goal first two weeks run:

5 days x 3 tracks x 4.5 races per track per day x $20 wagers per race x 15% ROI

5x3 = 15  / 15x4.5 = 67.5 / 67.5 x $20 = $1350 x 15% = $202.50

$200 profit per week - for two weeks in a row - that would be a good, conservative and do-able goal.

Remember - Your purpose in this initial period is to meet or exceed your projections.

This is not yet your business.  You aren't trying to make a lot of money here - you're getting a "feel" - you're initializing your success mode - you're "imprinting" the reality of setting and meeting realistic goals.

Don't want to bet $20 a race? No problem - bet $10 and just cut the above figures in half.

Can't play 5 days a week yet? No problem - just plug, say, 3 days into the formula above, or multiply the final figure by .6 etc.

If you cut down the number of days per week you must go for a longer number of weeks to make it a true test - keep it at 10 racing days - two full racing weeks (if you don't meet your goal - extend the test period another week)

You will meet that projection - and when you do you will immediately set a new two week goal.

Always be your own best critic and mentor. Ask, "What were my strong and weak points during those last two weeks of betting?" The answers will help you set realistic goals for the next two week period.

For example:

- Let's say that keeping control of three tracks simultaneous wagering was tough - then don't change that aspect yet - don't increase the goal for this factor - don't add pressure!

- On the other hand - let's say that you usually wager more than $20 a race and that seemed kind of light for you during the initial test - okay that would be where you could "bump up" the new goals.

- Conversely - if you don't like betting that much per race - don't push it yet.

- Or maybe you weren't bothered at all playing three tracks simultaneously.

For one kind of player, the new goal for the next two week period would be: Play the same number of tracks but raise betting level to $30.

New projection/goal: 5 x 3 x 4.5 x $30 x.15 = $303.75

For a different player - You could lower bet levels to $15 per race - but increase # of tracks played to 4.

New projection/goal: 5 x 4 x 4.5 x $15 x.15 = $202.50        This is the same bottom line as the original goal for the first two weeks - but you've progressed - you're now handllng 4 tracks, you've made some money, so next week raise the bets and/or # of tracks played (again).

Like this, you can stair-step your goals to the desired income level (see profit projection tables in the "Expectations" Section) (Also, for a "pro plan" starting from scratch - see the "Money Matters" Section.

If, after the initial two-weeks, a goal is easily met - you can set slightly higher goals for the next week. That is, your goals can step up weekly - but only if:

- You aren't trying too hard or going too fast

There shouldn't be any hurry here - you're trying to build a Iasting foundation.

- You don't feel undo pressure

Pressure causes nervousness which can cause mistakes which can lead to fear of losing - which causes more pressure, mistakes, and fear.

- You aren't just trying to make the "big scores"

Money that comes fast and easy tends to dissipate in the same way. If you're truly serious, consistent play and consistent profits are ail you should care about. There's an old saying, "Do what you love and do it well - the money will come."

- You aren't playing in a fantasy world

Like horses, a race bettor's extraordinary performance isn't often repeated time after time. Just because you catch a couple of outstanding days or weeks - don't get overly confident. Don't cater to or give in to your own emotional highs - or lows.  Remember, winning flows in cycles - you're after consistent play and consistent profits first - aid always.

In order to achieve the confidence and consistency required for professional level play, we feel the player should have a well defined philosophy to guide his race betting business.  See ours in the next Section.


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