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         Horse betting

      . . . is a skill that, like any other skill, can be acquired.  

       What does the race player need in order to become successful at betting the horses?

  • He (she) needs to study the game.
  • He needs viable horse handicapping methods.
  • He needs viable horse betting methods (money management).
  • He needs to have a humble measure of good old, solid, self confidence.
  • He needs to put it all together into a system, and approach the game seriously.

     The very best place to begin, or continue, your study of horse handicapping, and horse betting is right here at Horse Racing Gold -
      or at our new blog site here: Horse Betting Success

     There are over 30 horse racing articles on this site that go into every aspect of horse betting, horse handicapping, and how to create your
     own unique horse racing system;

     - horse betting articles that cover everything from flat win betting, to exotics betting . . .
     - horse racing betting tips - from where to bet the horses, to how to bet the horses . . .
     - off track betting, online horse racing, and betting exchanges . . .
     - Kentucky Derby betting, Breeders Cup betting and horse racing tips of all kinds . . .
     - in short, everything about horse betting and handicapping - from philosophy, to the nuts and bolts.

     As well, you'll get free access to tools that will help you; the articles, horse racing calculators, betting calculators, horse racing        software, racing odds charts, and more.


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horse racing betting

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horse racing betting


In horse betting - it's really an 'us' versus 'them' situation. 

This is different to other types of gambling. In racing, you are competing against all the other bettors for your share of the money in the betting pools.

 * You need a race betting strategy that gives you an edge      
- and - 

 * You need a handicapping method that puts you on a horse/s that the crowd is overlooking

After you have taken advantage of all the free stuff on the site - if you are still keen to become a profitable player (or even a professional player) - we have category-specific horse betting, and horse racing handicapping methods for sale.

To preview these unique methods - and - get a free report
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Kick back, and browse the site at your leisure.

Be sure and bookmark us because you'll want to come back many times in order to access all the free stuff that is available to you.

Each of the gold colored links at the top, and bottom of this page lead to other pages where numerous articles can be accessed - every article on a different aspect of horse betting, and horse handicapping;

  • win betting

  • place and show betting

  • parlay betting

  • progression betting

  • exacta betting

  • trifecta and superfecta betting

  • Base bet square root betting

  • Kelly criterion

  • turf racing

  • speed handicapping

  • trainer handicapping

  • artificial track surfaces

  • online horse racing - U.S. and offshore race books

  • and lots more . . .


 If you want to take your game to the next level - Horse Racing Gold is the place you'll do it.

And if you are interested in learning about other types of gambling be sure to go to - where you will find some nice guides on casino related topics. 

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Placing your bets on horse racing is not just for the riches. It’s a sport for all online users who love betting on horse racing. You can now wager on Off Track horse racing online.                   



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