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If you could make $1,737.00 on a weekend playing the races - just a half a day each day - would that interest you?! 

 "Lay Bet X" will show you exactly how that was accomplished . . .

- including all actual race examples,

. . . and how you will be able achieve similar results any weekend for yourself (or full time if you prefer) - from now till the cows come in!


With the reopening of the Ehorse exchange for U.S. bettors, and the continuing expansion of BetFair for non U.S. bettors - the opportunities for a new kind of sustainable profits approach to betting the races is greater than ever before.

Some of you have perhaps dabbled in the exchanges - many of you haven't. That fact is puzzling because the betting exchanges offer an opportunity to immediately increase your income.

(*note - this method works for any bettor; at the track, or at home betting on line into the regular pools - i.e, whether you bet the exchanges or not . . . see p.s. at bottom of this page)

A player on the exchanges gets 16.5% to 20% higher return on his wagers than the racetrack is offering, and 9.5% to 13% more than the rebate shops are offering.

That's found gold my friend, and if you're not picking it up . . . well, it could be the difference between achieving your dreams of making it at the track - or not!

What does exchange betting offer you that you don't get with other kinds of on-line wagering?

- locked in odds (your odds won't change after your bet is made)
- you can bet a horse to lose (lay betting)
- you can bet a horse to win and get far better than track odds
- you can arbitrage

The above factors make betting the exchanges both more profitable - and more fun. Your options are greater and you have greater control of your money.

The betting exchange creates a truer betting environment - it is you in direct competition with another single bettor, or a limited number of bettors. This is not parimutuel where you are in against all other bettors in the pool.

Savvy is all-important. If you have an edge, it translates into huge profits.

The only thing needed is a handicapping method that puts you where you need to be - at a great advantage over the other average players on the exchange.

 "Lay Bet X" will take you there.


This method - while being simplicity itself - when applied to exchange betting, is more powerful than anything you've ever used.

What will the "Lay Bet X" method provide you?

An 80% and higher strike rate - i.e. no more losing streaks - ever!

A quick-scan method of handicapping - about 3 minutes per race.

A very selective average of 2-3 qualifying wagers per track per day.

A 17.2% advantage on the game that translates into an extremely juicy ROI.

The option to play part-time - even just half-day weekends - and still make big profits!


Each time we produce a method to help our subscribers in their quest to make real profits at the track - we get a bunch of responses asking for "proof" - doubting the reality of sustainable profits at the track - doubting the value of the particular method, and/or the truth of our "claims."

In "Lay Bet X", we are going to show the pp's, step-by-step analysis, and decision-making process for each and every one of the races wagered at 4 race tracks on a full recent weekend.

The tracks? Aqueduct, Churchill, Hawthorne and Calder. We chose these tracks because of their time zones - so only a maximum of 5 hours would be required to devote to the races on either of the days of a weekend.  Also, these are tracks offered on all of the exchanges.

You will see how absolutely easy it is to come up with your lay bet qualifiers - the weak low odds runners that show up each day at every track.

You'll see - race after race - how these particular 'favorites' run poorly.

You'll begin to understand what a tremendous edge this method is going to give you, and rekindle your belief in that (perhaps waning) dream of making a decent income at the racetrack.


Who is this method for?

You!   If . . .

- you have employment commitments that prevent full-time play, or
- you're a retired person needing to supplement your income, or
- you're a serious player who wants to add a new profit maker to your portfolio, or
- you want to get some enthusiasm back into your game, or
- you want to experience what it is like hitting more than 3 of every four bets, or
- you actually want to make a living from betting the races, or

Really - it's for any player in whatever situation.


Order right now



You'll make money with this, and we'll guarantee it -
or you'll get full purchase price back anytime in the
first 30 days after purchase.

In order to protect ourselves from the low self-esteem, no self-pride, freebie scammers that abound on the internet, we will require that you provide verifiable records that you have applied the method as given, and have done so for a minimum of 20 races - and still show a loss.

We really don't anticipate giving even one penny back, as we don't think you can possibly lose if you learn and apply the method correctly.


If you're ready - it's time to get your game into the black for good.

*As a bonus, free offer to you, we will throw in our ground-breaking ebook, "Racing Exchange Gold."  This book, one of the very first to reveal the potential of betting exchanges, has been selling well to astute players for four years now. It contains a complete explanation of how the exchanges work, and details beginning through advanced methods for pounding the exchanges and reaping steady and serious profits.

Armed with this valuable bonus, and the dynamite new method in "Lay Bet X" - you will have all you need to become a true 'sharpie' on betting the racing exchanges.


The price for "Lay Bet X" (including Racing Exchange Gold) is $49.

In all modesty, we feel this is one of the best bargains ever made available to the betting public.

Using this innovative new method with any kind of intelligent money management approach - even just settling in to flat betting at your maximum comfort level - will earn you paychecks on a weekend that could very quickly outshine the weekly paycheck from your job!

Order here

p.s.  Remember, this method is not just for exchange bettors.  Imagine the advantage you would have over the game if you could consistently identify races where one or more of the low-odds horses could be completely tossed out for win! 

-Your average payoffs go up,
- the cost of exotics tickets drops,
- your bottom line jumps!

"Lay Bet X" will be one of the best, and maybe the best handicapping investment you have ever made. This one is money in the bank, and the small purchase price will almost certainly be earned back the first day you apply this ultra-solid new method.


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