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This is where you'll find all the betting and handicapping tools you'll need to become a professional race player - if that is your goal - or if not, to at least raise your game to the next level.

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Success at handicapping, and betting horse racing is reserved for the few - why? Because there are pieces to the puzzle that forever remain missing for most players.

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Now - the arsenal . . .

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  Seventeen dynamite ebooks/methods;

  •  Racing Exchange Gold     betting exchanges
    (Betting exchanges offer totally new opportunities)   
    (now included as a bonus when you order Lay Bet X)    

  •  Pareto's Ponies     betting trainers
    (Betting trainers - a secret you can take all the way to the bank)    order here

  • Tote Board Gold    betting the tote board
    (You don't even need a racing form - as steady as it gets)
    order here

  • The Bal-Chatri Technique   speed method #2
    (Racing is speed - get this and you'll never look back)
    order here

  • Ranked Spiral Intervals   a totally different kind of method
    (Complex - and lucrative. Nothing else like this!)
    only available as part of the Handicapping Gold


  •  The DA Key    speed method #1
    (Conservative - reliable - think 'old age fund')
    only available with Handicapping Gold membership

  •  WinEx Distilled    exacta and win betting
    (A few sharpies are using only this one)
    only available with Handicapping Gold membership

  •  Long Green    turf racing method
    (Turf racing has untapped profit potential)
    only available with Handicapping Gold membership 


   Two extraordinary software programs;

   Special reports;

  •  Kentucky Derby Report / Triple Crown Report
    (Racings most right-on report for racing's biggest race) 
        (issued Thursday prior to 1st Saturday in May)
  •  "Down and Dirty" Breeders Cup Method
    (A 'quick-cap' way to BC Day profits)

         (available at BC time)
  •  Zen and the Art of Spanking the Races!
    (Point of view is everything!)
        *   The "Zen" report is now free to you  
                    sign - up link at the top of this page



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     And . . . some free tools to help in your success:   
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