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The biggest change in horse racing in the last couple of decades is the advent and huge popularity of online horse racing in all its various aspects.

Horse racing fans can now;

- bet horse racing online,
- watch horse racing online,
- access real-time tote boards online,
- receive horse racing newsletters online
- get horse racing information, and products online,
- participate in all types of horse racing forums online

And the list continues to grow.


Betting horse races online is the big one - that and also being able to watch the races running live.

Think about the advantages of internet horse betting . . .

- You can bet the horses from anywhere - from the outback of Australia to a penthouse in New York City.  All that's needed is a computer and Internet access. This allows a freedom previously unknown.

- It is often a long drive to the nearest race track - requiring precious time - and fuel costs are high and getting higher.

- Driving can become upsetting - a near collision, other foolish drivers, slow moving traffic, worrying about getting to the first race on time - etc. etc. These can completely upset your racing day. What if it's snowing, icy roads, or a downpour?

Online betting eliminates the time, hassles, and costs of driving to and from the track or satellite wagering center.

- Got 30 or 40 minutes between bettable races? That's usually just time wasted at the track or satellite center. Online horse racing from home gives you options - lie dawn and rest for a few minutes, get some other work done, make a sandwich, putter around the yard - etc.

- Before, your choice of tracks was limited. Some simulcast venues offer only a handful of tracks - few, if any, offer all tracks running that day. There are online horse racing betting outlets that offer the full spectrum of tracks available every day. This is a huge advantage when multi-track wagering.

Ten years ago, online horse racing betting was the wave of the future - now it outstrips on site wagering by a huge margin.

Of course, the 'government' is forever meddling in this, and the status quo will change in the future. Let's hope the 'do-gooders' and 'money grabbers' in their various offices, and positions of power don't screw up what has been achieved so far.

We will be adding information to this section as it changes - which it surely will.


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