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Horse Racing System


When most folks think of the term "horse racing system" - they imagine some semi-magical formula for handicapping and betting the races that will forever fill their pockets with profits.

Unfortunately - this is not the case. A "horse racing system" in this sense - does not exist . . .

Many of you are pretty fair at race handicapping, and wagering already, yet still find it difficult to make steady profits.

Why?  (which also answers why there are no magic horse racing systems)

Two negative factors are dominant;

One: The "mental game" hasn't been mastered yet. The brain has a funny way of sabotaging us just when we really think we are on the verge of something good. 

Two: You are using what you have learned about handicapping in the past to try and make money today - BUT - this ignores a supremely important fact . . .

The Pari-mutuel Reality:  The profit value of anything known, and used by the public is always working its way towards a near ZERO value point.

If what you have learned to handicap and wager the races is public knowledge - its profitability has been steadily eroding since the moment it was first made public!

This includes;

- Beyer numbers,
- Any published speed figures (like those from Bris,
  Equibase TSN, HDW - etc.),
- Any published pace figures (like from the above
  mentioned sources and others)
- All information and betting methods from all published
  handicapping books,
- Publicly advertised "systems" and methods of all types,
- "Picks" from any of the major services (TrackMaster and
   a slew of others),
- The information offered on track programs,
- Tout sheets of all kinds,
- In fact, "sheets" of all kinds (like Ragozin, Thoro-Graph,
  Equiform - etc.),
- Daily Racing Form consensus & individual
  handicapper's picks,
- Sire and breeding information,
- Published figures on post-position, rail bias, speed bias - etc. . . .

If you are using any of those in your attempt to make money at the races, you are slowly sliding backwards on an uphill climb.

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Remember, there is a 'truism' about horse racing systems:  Many new systems, methods, and approaches work well for awhile, then little-by-little profits fade, and they no longer produce.


That is the Pari-mutuel Reality at work

You have to realize that the pressure of the extra bets from all those other players who are also using this same information very often greatly impacts the betting pool. 

Maybe you are a $20 or $50 dollar bettor, but there are a lot of players out there to whom $20 and $50 is absolute chicken feed. 

When these guys (and you might be surprised at how many players are in this league) get a hold of the same info that you are using and pound for $500 to $5000 per race - YOU are on the losing end of it.  Even if you win your wager - you are consistently winning less than you would be getting without the added wagers of those others who are also using your same information.

The Remedy:   Educating yourself, and getting a hold of methods, and approaches that are little used by the masses of other bettors.

Another aspect of this is that you need to think of a horse racing system - your particular horse racing system - as being the sum total of the information, tools, and intuition you use to approach this game.

This includes, not only the software, handicapping factors and variables, and money management you use on a daily basis, but also the little insights you gain over time in the game. These will be your real "gold' - that which you use to differentiate your final decision making from that of the crowd - that which make your "horse racing system" unique to you alone.

This site is dedicated to providing you
just that kind of information.

After you have taken advantage of all the free stuff on the site - if you are still keen to become a profitable player  - we have category-specific horse betting, and horse racing handicapping methods for sale.

These will put you squarely on the path to real, solid and sustainable profits in this most challenging of all games.

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