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Horse Race Betting


Horse race betting is one of life's most interesting challenges, but  betting horse racing is a hard mistress.  Hours are spent handicapping the races, betting the horses, keeping your records - then researching new race betting methods, and horse betting angles for a game that is constantly changing, and in which no two races are ever alike.  

There are literally 100's of horse betting methods, and horse systems out there that each approach horse racing betting in a different way.

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The learning curve for betting on horse racing can be a long one - some race players spend the better part of their adult lives trying to get a handle on the many factors involved in betting on horses - and never succeed!

 You need to learn horse betting methods that work - period!

And - you need to learn them before you dump hundreds, and thousands of dollars in lost wagers into race betting.

horse racing betting

There are a series of horse race betting articles listed on the right hand side of this page. Each article title is a link - click to read the article.

Once you have a grounding in horse betting basics (or if you are an old salt that is already well-versed in the fundamentals of horse betting - you should then check out the horse betting and handicapping methods we have for sale.

You can do that via the  our products  link here, or at the top right of this page.

Horse Racing Gold provides information that will make you an expert in;

  • Contrarian Value Positioning

  • When to pull the trigger - and how hard!

  • "Portfolio" horse betting management

  • horse handicapping factors that work

  • Horse race betting methods that will make you money

If you want to make your living, or considerably increase your income by betting on horse racing - now is the time to get serious.



 Horse Race Betting Articles

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Basic Betting Philosophy 

 Basic Betting Approaches 

 Basic Parlay Betting 

 Progression Betting 

 Considering The Odds 

 Betting Place Parlays 

 The Secret To Betting Profits 

 Win Betting 

 Base Bet + Square Root Betting 

 Fixed Percentage Minimum Betting 

 Betting The Exacta 

 Lay Betting 

 Place and Show Betting 


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Horse Racing Betting | Racing Betting | Horse Bet