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   Projection Rhythms  

The simplest, quickest, and surest way to race-betting profits ever revealed - period."


That's a tall statement, I know . . .

Simple? Absolutely - no conventional handicapping is involved. No pre-race pondering over speed, pace, class or conditioning factors. Your "handicapping" will consist of about 15-20 minutes work at the end of each racing day.

Quick? Extremely - You'll jot down a few figures at around 10 minutes before the race is to be run - then make your betting decision as close to post-time as possible.

Sure? Definitely - This method is based on a factor from outside of racing that is so solid, and so profound - that it is never disputed, and it never fails.  When applied to racing via the   Projection Rhythms    method, it will give you an edge no one else has (other than the relatively few sharp players who purchase this method)!

Average win payoff = $19.40, hit rate 39% (betting 2 horses per race) - Your chalky days are over!    ROI - an astounding +78%

Average exacta payoff = $220.20, hit rate 18% - average number of exacta combinations per race = only 8!    ROI - a phenomenal +179.5%

This method requires a very small starting bankroll - even for exacta play - and at those kind of ROI's, your bankroll won't be small for long!


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The usual question is, "If your method is so darn good - why would you be selling? Why not just make a fortune from it by betting?"

Good question - but it's an old saw. 

For the   Projection Rhythms    Method, the better question for me is - why not?!

- First of all, I am going to limit sale of the method to 150 players - not one more.

- Second, this method works at ALL tracks.  Since bet levels can be small and profits still large, there is less worry about pool size and odds being affected. I can easily move on to small venues that rarely see professional players.  As well - it will work anywhere for any kind of racing - Europe - trots and pacers - quarters.

- Third, people are funny - they can have a treasure map right in their hands, and life has a way of intervening . . . procrastination and/or other commitments somehow prevent the majority from ever actually making full use of the map - the treasure is never found.  If even half of the players who get the software began to wager full-time it would surprise the dickens out of me!

- Fourth, you will see when you get your hands on the method that it is a self-adjusting approach.  It's very nature is to compensate for lowering payoff prices should they occur at any particular track.


Two things will make you huge amounts of money in race betting:

*Identifying and taking advantage of streaks (cycles) -
Hitting a disproportionate number of high-paying winners -

The  Projection Rhythms  Method combines both of them.

This is a completely new and unique way to approach betting the races - worth it's weight in gold (but available for far less than that!) for the few smart players who get their hands on it.


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horse racing betting

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