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Keep Gambling in Perspective!


For a few, gambling is a serious profession - for most it is an enjoyable leisure, and entertainment activity - yet for some, gambling can lead to severe problems.

For these folks, gambling can have a negative effect not only on them, but also on their partners, spouses, families, and by extension - the broader community in which they live.

Anyone can become a problem gambler;  neither age, race, religion, education, economic status nor moral character have anything to do with it.  Problem gambling can be compared to drug dependency:  It is like a disease, and it can affect anyone.

Responsible gambling/gaming requires that you not gamble if:

1. You are younger than the legal age specified by law.
2. It begins to interfere with your other daily responsibilities.
3. You are losing more than you can afford.
4. You are unable to walk away - whether winning or losing.

Do not believe that;

1. Gambling is a quick way to get rich.
2. You will use gambling profits to pay off other debts.
3. Gambling will be a way to gain "easy money."

Please - judge yourself and your personal situation honestly - and act accordingly.


Gamblers Anonymous   213-386-8789
Council on Compulsive Gambling   1-800-gambler
National Council on Problem Gambling   1-800-522-4700


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